Community Dev Resources

In an effort to accelerate the adoption of PulseChain by developers, the PNS team has made several contributions to open-source projects and in some instances forked protocols that were not compatible with PulseChain. The goal of this initiative is to make it easier for other developers to build on PulseChain and bring adoption via their creations. The below resources are for fellow developers and are not meant to be consumer-facing.

Safe {wallet} prev. Gnosis Safe

Safe is the most trusted decentralized custody protocol and collective asset management platform on Ethereum and the EVM.

Context: At this moment there are no plans by the Safe team to adopt PulseChain. Hence it was forked by the PNS team and can be accessed via our UI or forked here.

Given our public-facing frontend / UI will be sunsetted on June 15th of 2024, we highly encourage any team to fork our repo and host their own frontend / UI.




Configured apps: Wallet Connect & Transaction Builder

Since this particular fork is not supported by the official Safe team (yet) we are not liable for any damages or misuse that may accrue. Please review all changes or contribute to this fork.

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