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Creating Subdomains

Step-by-Step Guide on Creating .pls Subdomains
Subdomains offer great flexibility for building on top of .pls domains. If you are a company, such as Liquid Loans, and want to issue all your employees a liquidloans.pls subdomains, this is very easy to do. This section will cover both creating subdomains on a domain you own and unique ways of allowing others to buy subdomains on a domain you own.
Watch our 2 min how-to video or follow the steps below.

Step 1: Navigate to your profile page

  • Access your profile page here.
  • Click View Details

Step 2: Create New Subdomain / Subname

Step 2: Enter a name

Step 3: Confirm subdomain creation

  • This will also take one single transaction to complete

Step 4: Review & update your Subdomain

  • Similar to your top-level domain e.g. alex.pls you can edit your subdomain pay.alex.pls. This includes updating your avatar and various profile records.
Fun tip: Did you know you can create a sub, sub, sub, subdomain? Don't believe me? Check out the sub sub subdomain 🥳
Sub Sub Subdomain