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What is the PNS Name Wrapper?

The PNS Name Wrapper is an innovative feature in the PulseChain Name Service that automatically turns your .pls domain names into versatile and secure ERC-1155 NFTs. This integration enhances the functionality and flexibility of your .pls domains.

Key Features of the PNS Name Wrapper:

  1. Instant NFT Benefits: Every .pls domain name you own is already a part of the Name Wrapper system, meaning they are immediately available as ERC-1155 NFTs. No extra steps are required to upgrade or convert your domains.

  2. Enhanced Domain Control: The Name Wrapper provides advanced control features for your .pls domains, allowing you to manage them more effectively and securely.

  3. Unified Owner and Manager Roles: For wrapped .pls domains, the traditional roles of Owner (Registrant) and Manager (Controller) are combined. This means simpler and more streamlined management of your domain.

  4. Customizable Settings (Fuses): The Name Wrapper introduces the concept of 'fuses' – settings that can be customized to add specific functionalities or restrictions to your domain. These include:

    • Parent-Controlled Fuses: Set by the main domain owner, these fuses determine the capabilities of subdomain owners.

    • Owner-Controlled Fuses: These fuses can be set by either the domain owner or the main domain owner, allowing for flexible permission settings.

    • Subname Fuses: Specifically for subdomains, these settings dictate the privileges and limitations of subdomain owners.

  5. No Hassle of Unwrapping: Since your domains are already wrapped, you don't have to worry about the process of unwrapping or reverting them back to a non-NFT state. Your domains are ready to use with all the Name Wrapper benefits from the start.

Why Use the PNS Name Wrapper?

  • Seamless Experience: Enjoy the benefits of NFTs without any complex processes or technicalities.

  • Greater Flexibility: Manage your domains more effectively with advanced control options.

  • Enhanced Security: The Name Wrapper adds an extra layer of security to your .pls domains.

  • Future-Proof: Be at the forefront of domain name technology with ERC-1155 NFTs.


The PNS Name Wrapper represents a significant step forward in domain name management, merging the traditional domain system with the innovative world of NFTs, all while maintaining simplicity and user-friendliness. With the PNS Name Wrapper, your .pls domains are not just addresses on the internet – they are valuable, flexible, and secure digital assets.

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