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What is pls.fyi?

pls.fyi is a service that showcases the public PNS profile and NFT collection of any .pls name on a simple, secure, and easily shareable URL. Just add .fyi to the end of any .pls name in any browser and visit the URL.

How do I use pls.fyi?

Every .pls name has been granted automatic access to the pls.fyi feature. Simply add β€œ.fyi” to the end of any .pls name in any web browser and the PLS profile will display.

For example: the PNS profile for helloworld.pls is accessible in any browser at helloworld.pls.fyi.


We’d like to have a feature that can help people explore .pls profiles. For now, here are a few .pls profiles to test out.

How do I update my pls.fyi profile?

Connect to the PNS Manager to update your .pls name's information, such as your social links, blockchain addresses and profile avatar.

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