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Preserving Your Privacy

With the success of ENS names on the Ethereum Blockchain. We see more and more Twitter users updating their name with a ".eth" handle e.g. vitalik.eth, barmstrong.eth and Fallon.eth
We anticipate the same within the PulseChain community, and we would like to remind you of some privacy practices to mitigate the full transparency of your wallet(s).
Once you purchase a .eth or .pls name and make it public(Twitter, telegram profile etc.), others have a complete view of your wallet, as your .eth or .pls name is connected to your address and is visible on the blockchain.
For many, this is fine as they like to publicly showcase their NFT collection and token holdings or use a .pls domain that is not tied to their public persona.
However, if you like to own your .pls domain name and not show off your entire holdings, we recommend following the steps below.

Steps in Preserving Your Privacy (PulseChain Testnet)

Steps in Preserving Your Privacy (PulseChain Mainnet)

  • Create a new account address within your wallet (See guides: Metamask, Ledger or Trezor)
  • Transfer ETH or PLS from a centralized exchange to your new wallet.
  • Purchase your desired domain name on Pulse Domains with PLS.