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Easy and quick to embed PNS right on your website & earn 💸

How to Add the PNS Registration Widget to Your Site

There are two main ways to incorporate the PNS registration widget:

1. Using NPM Package

For developers using React in their dApp, you can install the @pnsdomain/widgets package. This package provides a small, customizable React component for interacting with the PulseChain Name Service.

2. Embedding via HTML

For a simpler integration, especially if you're not using React, you can embed the widget directly into your website with an HTML iframe tag:
<iframe src="https://widget.pulse.domains?mode=dark&shadow=yes&referrer=helloworld.pls" width="400" height="600" style="border:none;"></iframe>
  • Attributes:
    • mode: Choose 'light' or 'dark' theme, with 'light' as the default.
    • shadow: Set to 'yes' to add a shadow effect, or 'no' to remove it. Default is 'yes'.
    • referrer: Set this to a .pls domain of your choice. The default is null. (More on Referrals)
By following these instructions, you can quickly add the PNS domain registration widget to your website, allowing users to register .pls domain names directly from your platform.