In order to burn any fuses on a name, you must also set an expiry on it. If the name is a .pls 2LD, then the expiry will automatically be set to the same expiry in the .pls Registrar. But for all other names, the parent can choose what expiry to set for a child name.

The expiry for a name can only be at max the same as the parent expiry, it cannot expire after the parent name. So if the parent expires in 2 years, then you can only set the expiry of the child name up to a max of 2 years (though you could also choose to set it to something less like 1 year).

When you renew a wrapped .pls 2LD, the expiry is automatically updated in the Name Wrapper as well.

For all other names:

  • The parent owner can always extend the expiry for a child name.

  • If the CAN_EXTEND_EXPIRY fuse is burned, then the owner of the name can extend their own expiry as well.

When a name is merely Wrapped but not Emancipated or Locked, parent-controlled fuses can still be burned. This means that the parent can burn a custom fuse for a limited amount of time. When the expiry is reached, all fuses will be reset, but the name will otherwise be unaffected.

When a name is Emancipated or Locked, the expiry has an important additional effect. In this scenario, when the expiry has been reached, the name itself will expire, and the owner loses ownership of the name.

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