Get 10% on every friend you refer with PNS

How it works

To create a referral code:
  • Get your .pls name
  • Visit your PNS profile​
  • Navigate to the "More" tab to access your unique referral code
PNS Profile Page
PNS Referral URL
Note that referral codes are case-sensitive and follow the following format:
  • https://app.pulse.domains?ref=<your_pns_name>.pls
Here is an example of our "Hello World" name:
  • https://app.pulse.domains?ref=helloworld.pls
You can share this link on any platform, e.g. Twitter, Telegram. When a user clicks on your link, and mints a .pls domain name, you receive 10% of the amount that was paid.
All payouts happen in real-time and "on-chain" when the referred user mints a .pls name.
- 5+ character .pls names: $5 - Get $0.50 in PLS - 4 character .pls names: $169 - Get $16.9 in PLS - 3 character .pls names $555 - Get $55.50 in PLS
Using a contract address as your referrer can increase the risk of transaction failure. We advise choosing a standard wallet address as your referrer to avoid failed registrations and no payouts.

Registration Widget

If you are a website owner you can also improve the user experience by using the PNS Widget directly on your site. This too allows you to have your referral link embedded into the widget.
Please note that the referral program is subject to change, we may decide to increase or decrease the percentage payout at any time. We will announce any modifications to our referral program publicly before implementing them. You are free to promote your link through any lawful methods; however, be advised that any observed misuse could lead to permanent blacklisting.